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Welcome to Fidalgo Pool and Fitness Center:
We are OPEN! Call us @ (360) 293-0673 or click on the green tab on the left of the page to find out how to sign up online for select group fitness classes and pool space!


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*If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please call the front desk or cancel your time slot via the MemberMe App

Revised with New info – Update: 11/4/2020:

Dear FPFC Patron:

As we move into November (where did the time go?), I wanted to get you an update on new programs and continued changes:

1.  Reiterating an earlier email, the state has allowed pool facility locker rooms to reopen for changing and showering purposes, in addition to hand washing and restrooms.  I understand that many of our patrons may not be comfortable using the locker rooms for health reasons.  In those instances, we ask that showers be taken at home prior to using the pool and that bags be taken out onto the pool deck and not left in the locker room.  For those patrons who change clothes on site, after completion please continue to exit through the east doors and not through the lobby area.

2.  The gym is now open Saturdays from 10:00-2:00.  In addition, effective November 9, afternoon/evening hours will expand an additional hour to 3:00-7:00 pm.

3.  We are instituting a new recreational swim program, Splash n’ Play starting Friday 11/6.  Under this program, we will be renting half of the pool to up to ten household members in 45 minute blocks–Friday evenings 8:15-9:00 pm and Saturday afternoons 2:15-3:00 or 3:15-4:00 pm.

Friday evenings may reserve either Shallow or Slide area (note: the slide itself remains closed)

Saturday afternoons may reserve ONLY the Slide area – (note:  the slide itself remains closed.)

Reservation and pre-payment required, at a cost of $35/session.  At least one adult (18+) must be in the water.  Please contact Carla Bigelow M/W/F at 360.293.0673 for more information or to make a reservation.

4.  In a similar vein, DOH has approved lane sharing for two members of the same household.  We are pleased to offer this option during our weekday evening lap swims.  To take advantage, make a lane reservation, as usual, and then let the front desk know that the lane will be shared with a household member.  Upon arrival, please let the lifeguard on duty know, as well.

5.  I have had inquiries re:  reservation cancellations, wait list, and no-show policies.  You may cancel a reservation up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled slot time and receive a fee refund–otherwise you will be charged.  All of our current sessions offer wait-listing.  You can get on the wait list either through the MemberMe+ portal or by calling the front desk.  If a slot becomes available, you will receive an email confirming your slot.  Finally, we open slots at ten minutes after the scheduled start for no-shows to wait-listed patrons.  Note:  if you know that you can’t make a previously scheduled appointment, please let us know/cancel so we can free up the slot for another patron.  Similarly, please be judicious in your reservations–if you typically swim for approximately 30 minutes, please limit the reservation to one slot, rather then extending to two.  We remain constrained in our capacity and want to provide as many opportunities to as many patrons as possible.

6.  Friends has kicked off a Fall Fundraising drive, with a goal of $20,000, matching a previous gift.  These funds will be used for several equipment purchases than can migrate to a new facility at some point in the future.  Checks can be mailed to FPFC, made payable to Friends of Fidalgo Pool.  Friends will also be doing their normal year-end scholarship drive, beginning in late November.  This program allows us to offer swim lessons to needy families.  Checks may be mailed or given to the cashier.

7.  Finally, we will be offering a Babysitting safety course, implementing CPR procedures and certification, November 13 and 14.  My daughter took this course many years ago and loved it, as it imparted a number of valuable life skills and helped in marketing babysitting services to potential clients.  If interested, please see our web site or contact Jessica Bliven (jblivenfpfc@gmail.com) to enroll.