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Revised with New info – Update: 10/12/2020:

Dear FPFC Patron:

Welcome to Fall!  October is one of my favorite months–the weather stays decent but with a nip in the air.  I hope this update finds you healthy and productive as we move away from summer.  I wanted to provide some new information–this update may be a bit longer than normal.

1.  Locker Rooms:  The state and county recently issued new guidance to aquatics facilities re:  locker rooms and showers.  Briefly, such areas may be reopened, so long as social distancing and masking requirements are met.  To that end, we will be reopening our locker room, effective Monday (10/5) under the following provisions:  (a) shower nozzles will be restricted to two for both the men’s and women’s sides, ensuring six feet of separation.  For those patrons who don’t wish to use our communal showers, you remain free to shower at home; (b) the locker room will be reopened as a dressing area–lockers and cubbies will remain off-limits for safety purposes.  Patrons who wish to dress/undress on-site may do so in he locker rooms only.  After dressing for the pool, please take your bag with you and place it on one of the tables, as has been the norm.  After using the pool, patrons may re-enter the locker room to dress.  We ask that you depart, as normal, through the east door (pool side door) rather than back through the lobby;  (c) when in the locker room, it is required that patrons continue to wear a mask.  When in the shower, the mask may be removed, hung on a hook, and then reapplied once the shower is complete.

2.  Saturday Gym:  We will be reopening the gym on a trial basis, beginning next Saturday (10/10), from 10:00am. – 2:00pm.–maximum of five for each 50-minute slot.  As noted earlier, weekend gym usage over the summer was sparse.  If there is sufficient demand moving forward, we will continue to offer this additional day through the coming months.

3.  Gym Fees:  We will increasing the 50-minute usage fee for the gym from $5.00 to $7.00.  A ten-pack may be purchased for $55.00, lowering the per-use fee to $5.50.  Patrons may also purchase a monthly pass for unlimited usage for $60.00.


4.  Navy Personnel:  The Navy has renewed our contract for the next twelve months.  Eligibility has been increased to include both active duty and reservist personnel.  Users will be required under the contract to show ID with each visit and to sign in at the front desk.  Note:  the new contract is limited to pool use only–those patrons wishing to use the gym will be required to pay the fees shown above.


5.  Extended Fall Hours:  Beginning 10/19, we will be extending our closing times in the evenings. Monday’s and Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm. and on Friday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00pm.  This will allow for additional lap swim/water walking availability/slots.


6.  Household Rentals and Lap lanes are NEW events we will be presenting to the public as a trial session for more flexibility for patrons with families who want to do water fitness together.  Beginning November 2nd, Household Lap lanes will be available M-F evenings ONLY.

November 6th, Household Rentals will be available Friday’s from 8:15-9:00pm. & Saturday’s 2:15-3:00pm./3:15-4:00pm. (Can accommodate 2 separate families that will split the pool for 45 minutes) Costs and other rental info is on the Orange Household Rental button on the front page. This is a trial program–more information will be coming out on this shortly.

If you are potentially interested, please contact Carla (cbigelowfpfc@gmail.com) or Jessica  (jblivenfpfc@gmail.com).


7.  Fall Fund Drive:  Friends of Fidalgo Pool will be engaging a fall fund drive, beginning this month.  Their goal is to raise $20,000 through the end of the year, matching a $20,000 grant from an anonymous donor.  Funds would go toward a variety of minor capital projects and equipment purchases that could be moved to the new pool at some future date.

Sorry for the length of this one!  We continue to face a challenging, dynamic operating environment and to do everything possible to enhance the services we can offer.  Questions/comments, please let me know.

As always, thank you for your continued support!