Welcome to Fidalgo Pool and Fitness Center:
We are OPEN! Call us @ (360) 293-0673 or click the colored tabs to the right to learn how to sign up online for select group fitness classes and pool space!

*ALL POOL USERS: We ask that you please bring a zip bag to store your mask poolside*

Insurance-based members: Did you change insurance plans during open enrollment? Please contact your provider to get your new Fitness ID or Confirmation # so we can update your membership. Nothing changed? Same insurance provider and plan? Let us know that, too, so we can renew your membership for 2021.

*If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please cancel your reservation at least 60 minutes in advance via the Self-service Portal (preferred), the MemberMe+ app or by calling the front desk.

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Updated 2/3/2021

Dear FPFC Patron:

I wanted to provide a quick update on current events:

1.  The Girls AHS swim team has returned to the pool for an abbreviated season through mid-March–it’s good to have them back…providing some sense of normalcy.  Having them in the pool does create a logistical problem, however, as the 90 minute AHS practice time forces TAC into later time slots.  To accommodate evening lap swim during the next seven weeks, we have managed to carve out three lanes in the dive tank, beginning on Monday.  These lanes may be reserved through self-service or by calling the front desk, as normal. Once AHS is complete, we will revert back to our January schedule.

2.  I have also opened up additional gym slots, weekdays from Noon-4:00 pm, which may be shared with personal training sessions.  We remain limited in Phase 1 to three patrons for each 45-minute session.  When our region moves to Phase 2, we can increase to five patrons.  Slots are available now for reservation next week.

3.  The Commissioners reviewed pricing at their last meeting.  The Board made the decision to maintain punch prices at current levels;  pool @ $5.00/30-minute session; gym @ $7.00/45-minute session; virtual fitness @ $3.50/45-minute session; and simulcast fitness @ $6.00/45-minute session.  With regard to a monthly option, the Board opted to reinstitute combo passes, allowing patrons to reserve pool, gym or fitness class space under one pass @ $55/month–no change from 2019 price levels.  A monthly virtual fitness pass is priced at $35.  A family combo pass is increasing $15 from $80 to $95.  Out of district patrons will pay an additional $5 fee to monthly pass prices, as has happened in the past.  All pricing is effective for reservations made after March 1.

4.  Friends of Fidalgo Pool was able to raise $27K in their fall fund drive.  This money will go toward a number of small capital projects.  Special thanks to Jennifer Lewis and Marcia Books for spearheading this effort and to all who donated.

5.  The community maintains the pool through an M&O Levy.  This was last passed by taxpayers in November 2015 and is coming up for renewal this November.  We are starting to actively plan for outreach to inform voters.  If you would like to take part in this effort, please contact me.  More in the spring as we move forward with organization and messaging.

6.  The facility has moved onto the City’s fiber network as of last week.  In tandem, we have replaced our antiquated phone system.  In moving off of Comcast, we expect to save roughly $500 per month, at greatly increased internet speeds and much-improved customer service.  We will pay for the phone system in roughly nine months and then realize that savings ongoing.

7.  Finally, we continue to explore a consolidated new facility with the city.  We are currently in the process of validating/tweaking the proposed design and will meet again virtually in March.  I will keep you updated as to progress.

As always, thank you for your continued support.  Questions/comments, please let me know.





Updated Dec. 28, 2020:

Dear FPFC patron:

An email sent on Saturday outlined proposed changes to our 2021 fee schedule.  Of particular import was the Commissioners’ decision to eliminate monthly pool passes due to the number of no-shows and equitable lane availability for all patrons.  I received a number of emails in response, noting the financial burden this would place on heavy pool users who currently have monthly passes.  The suggestion posed by a number of patrons was to find a way to keep the monthly pass in place but to charge the no-show an additional fee above the cost of the monthly pass.  After considerable tinkering, we have adjusted our POS system to accommodate.

We will retain the monthly pass at its current rate.  We will remove it from self-service, however.  In order to renew, patrons will need to go through the cashier at the front desk, as was the norm pre-COVID.  Note:  this applies only to renewal–pool sessions can continue to be scheduled through self-service.  We will then track no-shows, i.e. those patrons who fail to provide at least an hour’s notice prior to their scheduled swim, per our current cancellation policy.  In addition to the base fee, they will also be charged $5/missed session, payable upon their next renewal.

I believe this solution addresses financial concerns of patrons as it maintains current pricing.  So long as cancellation occurs at least one hour prior, there will be no additional cost.  It also addresses the Board’s concern, namely that we provide as much lane availability as possible.  Charging monthly pass patrons for missed swims will hopefully drive timely cancellations, minimizing empty lanes.

Note:  this policy will also apply to monthly gym passes, when the gym reopens, and to land-based fitness classes, when we are allowed to move back to classroom attendance.

Thank you for your comments and continued support.  We appreciate your patronage and wish you the best in the coming year!