Friends will be at the Farmer’s Market on September 17th.  Come for some pie at the annual market Pie Fest, and then stop by and talk to Friends about fitness classes and Fall swim lessons!

The generosity of our community is amazing!


Giving Tuesday/Year-End Fundraising

Pool Robot:  Through your donations we raised enough money to pay for half of the pool cleaning robot.  The Thunderbird Aquatic Club (TAC) stepped up and contributed the remaining funds for the robot.  Thank you TAC!  The new robot should be in operation by the end of the summer

Swim Platforms:  $1000 of the money raised through our year-end fundraising was used to purchase a swim platform.

Bonus!!!  Our local service clubs have been incredibly supportive of FPFC and our swim lesson program.  We received grants from both of our Rotary Clubs to help purchase additional platforms.  Thank you to Fidalgo Island Rotary and Anacortes Rotary for $750 grants!  Thank you to the Anacortes Kiwanis Club for a $1,500 grant to allow us to purchase two more swim platforms!

With additional money contributed by Fidalgo Pool & Fitness Center we are able to purchase 5 new swim platforms in total!  These platforms will be used in our swim classes, and the one already in use is appreciated by our swim instructors and students alike.


Love Fidalgo 2022

 We can’t thank you enough for your support and your donations to Love Fidalgo 2022!  Because of you we were able to purchase:

–           7 sets of TRX equipment

–           2 sets of resistance bands for weight equipment

–           1 pull buoy

–           12 alignment kickboards

–           10 padded bar floats

–           2 animal mats

This equipment is much appreciated by staff and is getting a lot of use.  We now have enough TRX equipment to accommodate 12 people in the TRX classes.  Children taking swim lessons and lap swimmers have tools to help them swim and improve their strokes.  Fitness center users have resistance equipment to help them build strength.  This equipment helps make FPFC even better!


Additional Equipment Purchases:

 Special thanks to the Skagit Community Foundation!  The Skagit Community Foundation provides Skagit County residents with the opportunity to use specially designed equipment to build strength, support healing and promote mental health.  This organization awarded us a grant of $2000 to be used for new equipment purchases!

With this money we were able to purchase 14 medium Theraband Hand Bars, 3 TYR Water Belts, 15 medium WaterGym Belts, 5 small WaterGym Belts, and two XL WaterGym Belts.  44 pieces of new equipment!

Hand bars are a pair of water dumbbells designed for pool therapy and fitness and they are great for low impact workouts, adding additional resistance to traditional water exercise programs to make them more challenging, increasing flexibility, range of motion, and strength. Flotation belts are used in deep-water aquatic workouts or during physical therapy, to strengthen abdominals, tone and build lean muscle, increase flexibility, and recover from injuries.

This equipment replaces existing old and worn items that are used in water fitness classes, physical therapy, and individual exercise programs.  Thank you Skagit Community Foundation!