Costs have risen for everyone, including here at FPFC. We have done our best to keep fees low. However, beginning January 1, 2023 there will be a few changes in our rates. Gym only usage will be separated from instructor-led group fitness classes. If you only use the gym, the fees will remain the same. Instructor led fitness classes will increase to $9 per class. Recreational Swim single entries will increase to $8 per person. All other single session fees will remain the same. The cost of monthly passes will increase slightly and are listed below. Note that Instructor-led Fitness (GroupX) includes use of the Gym. 

                                                                                            2023 FEES


Gym Only $8.00 $65.00 $185.25 $702.00
Instructor-led Fitness $9.00 NA NA NA
Instructor-led Fitness + Gym NA $70.00 $199.50 $756.00
Pool Only (No GroupX) $6.00 $60.00 $171.00 $648.00
Recreational Swim $8.00 NA NA NA
Virtual Fitness Only $5.00 $48.00 NA NA
Individual All-Access NA $80.00 $228.00 $864.00
Family* All-Access NA $130.00 $370.50 $1,404.00
Shower Only $3.00 NA NA NA
Out-of-District Add $0.50 $5.00 $15.00 $60.00
*Must live at same address. Verification may be required.