Informational and Background Documents

2007 Bond Documents

The FPFC MCIP Statement & Fact Sheet will give you a quick idea about the beginning work on the facility’s Capital Improvement Plan.

Please find attached Counsilman-Hunsaker’s Draft Audit of the existing pool. This draft report is under review by the Long Range Planning Committee and Board of Commissioners.

Fidalgo Pool Draft Audit Report 021717>

Of note:  The “Opinion of Probable Cost” of $1,042,740 listed in the report assumes just a renovation as described and does not touch the pool shell itself.  Counsilman – Hunsaker’s would need to do more research to see if a mechanical renovation will affect the “grandfathered” state of the existing pool and the pool slope that is not compliant with current standards.  He estimates that a new 25×25 of 6,150 SF at roughly $200/SF would be $1,230,000 total for the pool and pool equipment.  The costs for new versus renovated pools will likely be pretty close.  This will be clarified with the study of the two options.