Capital Plan History & Purpose

MASTER CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PLAN COMMITTEE – Now known as the Long Range Plan (LRP) Committee

The Master Capital Improvement Plan Committee was appointed by the Commissioners of Fidalgo Pool and Fitness Center District on December 3, 2015. The committee’s members are Jeremy McNett, David Way, Mel Larson, Libby Grage, Sandy Hatfield, David Lervik, Mick Donahue, Keith Rubin, Christine Mathes, Carla Bigelow, John Little and Marilyn Stadler.

Their duties include:

  1. Building a productive working relationship between the public, our patrons, the city of Anacortes and Skagit County to determine what major capital improvements and services Fidalgo Pool & Fitness Center (FPFC) must have to meet our community’s needs now and for future generations to come.
  2. Re-assessing what capital improvements are essential to keep the facility to remain operational and safe.
  3. Bringing a much-needed perspective and approach in engaging the public, developing our plan and offering recommendations to the Board.
  4. Engaging Community’s support of the plan and its implementation after the MCIP is completed.
  5. Sharing our results with Skagit County and the City of Anacortes to be placed in their comprehensive plans.

The first meeting of the Master Capital Improvement Plan Committee was conducted on Tuesday, January 5, 2016, 5 pm.   All meetings of this Committee are opened to the public.  If you have any questions, please contact Marilyn Stadler at or by phone 360-293-0673 extension 106.