M&O Levy

Fidalgo Pool & Fitness Center’s Maintenance and Operation Levy measure will be on the November 3rd General Election ballot.   Here are some facts for Fidalgo Island taxpayers concerning our request.

Official Ballot Title:

Fidalgo Pool & Fitness Center District

Proposition No. 1

Maintenance and Operation Levy

Shall Fidalgo Pool & Fitness Center District continue to be funded for the six years (2016-2021) by a tax of approximately $0.1394 cents per $1,000 assessed valuation (for example $100,000 assessed property value equals $13.94 per year) to provide $618,394 in 2016, with additional increases if deemed necessary that will not exceed 1% each year, to pay part of maintenance and operational expenses, with taxes to be collected in 2016-2021. This amount is exclusive of additional revenue resulting from new construction, improvements to property, newly constructed wind turbines, any increase in value of state assessed property, and any annexations that have occurred or refunds made.

Yes [ ] No [ ]

Explanatory Statement

Fidalgo Pool & Fitness Center is a separate municipal corporation not financially affiliated with the City of Anacortes or Skagit County. The District was formed by approval of the voters in the District for the purpose of building and operating a swimming pool for the Fidalgo Island area in May 1972. A fitness center was added in 1986. To remain open, the Fidalgo Pool and Fitness Center requires levies to supplement the revenues collected at the door. The District is required to obtain voter approval to continue receiving levy support. If approved by the voters, this measure will authorize the District to receive $618,394 in 2016 for maintenance and operations of Fidalgo Pool & Fitness Center. The mill rate for this election is the same mill rate that was asked for in the 2012 General Election that began in 2013. Levy support in 2016 through 2021 will not exceed an increase of 1% each year if deemed necessary.

Did you know…?

It costs over a million dollars to operate Fidalgo Pool and Fitness Center each year.  Revenues and expenses are divided into two major divisions for budget purposes, one is the Maintenance & Operations Levy and the other is Programs.

Maintenance & Operations Levy Projected Revenues 2016

  • About $618,394 of the levy revenue will come from taxpayers if approved. On your property tax invoice it is listed as Fidalgo Park & Recreation District. (In 2015, the levy with new construction will be approximately $637,000.)
  • Fidalgo Pool will receive rent revenue of $10,200 from its “2222 J Avenue” property.

Maintenance & Operations Levy Projected Expenses 2016 – 57% of the Total Budget

    • $31,343 bank charges, communications, permits, etc.
    • $15,000 election
    • $37,822 insurance
    • $37,719 operating supplies such as pool chemicals
    • $19,152 routine repair and maintenance
    • $24,541 professional services
    • $103,989 for utilities, water and electricity
    • $239,342 for maintenance salaries, benefits and some administrative costs
    • $106,187 for a special projects – in the past this account has covered items such as new ceiling frames & tiles, an ultraviolet system (destroys water-borne illness microbes), a new chemical treatment system, two circulating pumps, aquatic filter replacement, balcony pillar repair, and the group exercise floor replacement.Program Projected Revenues 2016

Program Projected Expenses 2016 – 43% of Total Budget


  • Almost $467,400 will be collected from user and program fees which will pay for program expenses and the Fitness Center bond/loan
  • $402,680 salaries and benefits for program staff and administrative overhead
  • $64,647 equipment, B&O taxes, operating supplies, license fees, and fitness center construction’s non-tax supported bond/loan
  • Note that the rent income from the 2222 J Avenue house pays for the mortgage that is now combined with the Fitness Center non-tax supported bond/loan.

What percentage of your property tax helps Fidalgo Pool & Fitness Center (Fidalgo Park & Recreation District)?   1.5%         

November 2015 Election M & O Levy Request for 2016 – 2021

In 2013, you approved the M & O Levy at $586,410 (0.1394/mill rate)

In 2015, the M & O Levy will be about $637,000 – $640,000 (0.1457/mill rate)

In 2016, we are requesting a Maintenance & Operations Levy amount of $618,394 (0.1394/mill rate)

So what will you pay in taxes?


Assessed value of your home by Skagit County



Mill Rate $.1457

2015, your taxes were:


Mill Rate $.1394 2016, your taxes will be:

$800,000 $116.56 $111.52
$700,000 $101.99 $97.58
$600,000 $87.42 $83.64
$500,000 $72.85 $69.70
$400,000 $58.28 $55.76
$300,000 $43.71 $41.82
$200,000 $29.14 $27.88
$100,000 $14.57 $13.94


Please don’t forget to vote!

Questions can be directed to:

Marilyn Stadler, Executive Director

Fidalgo Pool and Fitness Center

1603 22nd Street

Anacortes, WA 98221

Phone: 360-293-0673

Email: mstadler@fidalgopool.com